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For your generator to function optimally, it has to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification. Below are preventative generator maintenance tips that will teach you how to get the best out of your generator and increase its longevity. However, reactive maintenance must be handled by qualified technicians.
Study The User Manual
Your generator comes with a user manual, which contains all the information you need for proper use and maintenance.
Carry Out Basic Checks Before Each Start
Check oil and fuel level before starting your generator. If any of these is low, please refill. If your generator uses liquid coolant (like water), also check the coolant level. Ensure coolant, fuel, and engine oil are in the right level, then clean up fuel spills before starting your generator.
Use Recommended Engine Oil
Do use only recommended engine oil in your generator and ensure that the seals are intact before purchase. Buy in gallons but if you must buy in pints ensure to ask the retailer for a container of the engine oil just to be sure it meets the need of your generator.
Keep Generator Crank House Clean
With use, the generator crankcase gets dirty. It is therefore important that you change the oil in it periodically. This you do by draining the crankcase of oil and then refilling with the recommended engine oil. We recommend that engine oil should be changed every 20 working hours
Load Generator 80% Less Than Rated Power Capacity
If our generators have become the primary source of power generation, you should load your generator at from 50% to 70% of its rated capacity for best performance and longevity. This means that a 2.5 KVA generator should not be loaded beyond 1.75 KVA all the time. Improper loading is the most common cause of generator break down. You must not exceed the maximum power for any reason. Note that although your generator can handle full loading, it is not recommended for generators being used frequently. It is better you limit loading to less than 70% (or even 50%) of generator rated power.
If the generator automatically switches off due to over-loading, turn-off all appliances before turning on generator again. Also do not turn off generator with every appliance on. Switch-off your appliances gradually, allow the generator to run at empty load for a while before turning off your generator. Do not run a generator at empty load for a long time.

Follow those tips, and you will enjoy a longer life span of your gener

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